Here We Grow is an organization dedicated to active solutions that create food awareness and family wellness, now and into the future. The founder of Here We Grow is the natural food chef and entrepreneur, Craig King. As a chef and consultant, Craig helps others re-evaluate the way they think about food and wellness. He teaches them how to break through the limitations of the typical retail food chain buying experience so that they may live healthier, more wholesome lives through socially responsible food choices. Remember your mother telling you, ‘you are what you eat?’

It is Craig’s vision to share his knowledge of food and natural food wisdom through his 2009, 65-minute documentary film, Here We Grow. In the movie, via interviews with experts and heart-warming stories of everyday people, Craig explores the current state of our food and its supply chain. The documentary also educates everyone on the pandemic expansion of dangerous chemicals that were introduced into food seeds and crop soils at an alarming rate over the last 40 years.

When watching the film, think about changes in your own family’s health and wellness over the last 40 years of chemical ingestion. Are your own children less healthy now than your grandparents were at the same age years ago?

Remember, Here We Grow is dedicated to active wellness solutions, now, and going forward. Revenues from the film go directly towards community projects that demonstrate the actions necessary to restore America’s health. We believe that the true way to deal with Healthcare is to create Health. Craig’s vision is to install vegetable gardens at orphanages, in urban settings and throughout all communities regardless of ability to pay. Craig believes that children’s food style should not be limited by their zip code or social standing. A portion of all money collected goes to the Healthy School Lunch Program for canteen foods, too! Chef Ann Cooper pioneered projects in Berkeley CA, Harlem NY, and now Boulder CO.

Stay tuned to this website for much more to come. Join the whole food revolution by contributing to Here We Grow