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Things to look for in your wedding DJ

It’s often quite an overlooked thing however it has to be said that across most cultures and major religions in the world, a wedding isn’t really considered a wedding without some music and dancing. So getting that organized… Read More

Different lenses and what they are used for

Every single person on the planet has a completely unique eyeball, in exactly the same way that everybody has a unique finger print your eyes are not even remotely like another person’s in the world, well on a… Read More

How to host an unforgettable high tea

  How to host an unforgettable high tea High Tea, a quaint British tradition in which all attending would bring cakes, sandwiches, fruits and other delectable treats around a single venue, only to present them beautifully and serve… Read More

Vocal Techniques for the recording studio

The lead vocal is one of the most important elements in many recordings. These days’ good engineering practices can go a long way towards capturing the best vocals. However, if you really aim to slay your vocal session,… Read More

What is an AV Team and what do they do?

AV or, Audio-visual design engineers, are responsible for the development, implementation, and installation of audiovisual systems. Some of these systems are on small scales such as music studios, while others are on large scales such as concert arenas,… Read More

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The History of traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is one of the oldest healing systems in the world, dating back more than 2500 years ago. It is one of the many systems of medicine classified… Read More


How to Pamper Yourself

It is very easy to lose “ourselves” in this fast moving world where we have loads of responsibilities, obligations and tight schedules. Throughout out all life stages, we were attending school and studying fulltime since little till our… Read More